Rutilus Documentation

Documentation Sections

The documentation is divided into sections:

  • Tutorials - Beginner-oriented start to finish instructions for getting each Rutilus module running.
  • Logger Module - Details about setting up and using the Logger module.
  • Observer Module - Details about setting up and using the Observer module.
  • Analytics - Details about setting up and using the Analytics module, including its Dashboard and Affinity Tool.
  • API Heartbeat Module - Details about settings up and using the optional API Heartbeat module.
  • Bundles - Prepared Git repos etc. to act as templates.
  • Config Object - Details about setting up the configuration needed for Rutilus modules.
  • Customizing Rutilus - How to add hooks etc to extend the data collected by Rutilus beyond the defaults.
  • MongoDB Database - Details on how Rutilus stores information in the database.
  • Custom Data Types - Details on the schemas Rutilus uses for certain information passed around the application.
  • Security - Considerations for keeping your Rutilus app and data secure for deployments.
  • Contributing to Development, GitHub, NPM - Info for developers.

The navigation bar on the left (use the three bars icon to extend on mobile) corresponds to these sections.


If you'd rather quickly get started with hosting your own Rutilus application for free with a visual, step by step guide, check out the Tutorials section.


Check out our Google Group to discuss the software, get technical help, or provide feedback on the documentation.